Meeting Facilitation


As a consultant, Joan believes that execution eats strategy for breakfast!

However, “if you don’t clearly define where you are going, you will probably end up someplace.” How do you know if your direct reports and the rest of the team, understand and are onboard with the Vision and strategy of your company?
Alignment is key to outstanding growth results. Ensuring that the team understands and agrees about the vision and the priorities is often assumed and very often that assumption is inaccurate, in fact most of the time. You might be surprised. Joan uses an interview process with all leadership executives, to identify the gaps and where ideas diverge from that of the CEO.
She conducts condensed strategy sessions, with “small bites” that a team can execute well. To develop a great strategy you need to ask lots of questions and continuously hone great questioning skills.​

From there, the next step is about the team putting together plans to come into alignment and then execution.
CEOs and owners of businesses often can benefit from support of someone who has been there. You can come up with a fabulous A+ strategy, but what if it is not something the team can/will implement?   Joan helps executives identify and focus on priorities, develop effective business strategies and doable action plans.  (9 out of 10 plans fail because of execution.)​

Contact Joan directly to see if she has any availability.

Sue Gordon
Leadership Coach and Consultant

I worked with Joan Sills for a number of years and had the pleasure to witness her business acumen, her marketing expertise, her amazing creativity, her “thinking out of the box” skills and her ability to lead a team of senior managers and directors, and act as role model, mentor and coach. Joan took a failing business and positioned it to be sold. It was, indeed , sold to the benefit to all concerned. Joan is an exceptional relationship builder and influencer, as well as a superb collaborator and coach. I heartily recommend her!